Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Busy, busy, busy !


Hello my friends, oh yes I am so very busy! Besides working on clients projects, we are in the middle of our living room redo.

To my blog colleagues I would love to ask, if they please can forgive me for not finding much time to comment on all their latest blogposts! I promise to catch up with reading and commenting a lot of blogposts within a few weeks.


The redo of our living room was planned last year, but we didn’t make it ! So Jan and me deciced that it had to be ‘our beginning of the year 2013 project’.

Following my blog, you maybe will remember having seen pictures of how our living room looked like until a few days ago.

Redo Living room 2Living room as it looked.


On Monday morning we started to empty the room. And this is how it looks like today!

Redo Living room 1Living room this morning.

Yes, there are planned some changes. The room will be totally paneled, the parket floor should be given another finish, the window treatment fabric has to be chosen and we’d like to bring in some new furniture.

Of course, paneling will be manufactured in the workshop of our company Lefèvre Interiors, according our design sketches. The paneling will be executed in French oak and is inspired by French 18th century paneled rooms.

Redo living room sketchesSketches of the paneled living room. (copyright Lefèvre Interiors)


I just love 18th century French paneling as seen in this picture.

InspiringImage source here 

Floor boards

At this moment the painter-artist of our workshop is preparing a few samples of the patina the paneling wil be given. This is the most difficult part! We have to mix and brew until the perfect patina is found!

Patina choicesDifferent patina options.


When I discovered this beautiful aquarelle painting at the FB page of my French friend and renown aquarelle painter Céline Chollet, I was thrilled!! OMG! I do know that she has to paint an aquarelle of our living room too!

Céline Chollet AquarelleSource FB page Céline Chollet. Blog of Céline


To be continued…

I promise to share the progress of our living room redo in later blogposts!


If you would like us to help designing and manufacturing your paneling, feel free to contact us at

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  1. I am so excited to see what you have up your sleeve!



  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful


  3. crazy about that weathered grey finish, greet. so happy to share this journey with you.

    be well!


  4. Hello Greet,

    I am so excited about what I see! This is going to be wonderful and I am quite sure! I also like a lot of french paneling. I can assure you that I forgive you because I understand that you're really busy.

    Lots of work enjoyment! ;)

  5. Wat een klus Greet, maar het is jullie vak(manschap) dus het wordt vast prachtig!

    Veel succes! Lieve groet, Ingrid

  6. Dear Greet,

    Your 'Living Room' project looks so exciting! I adore French panelling.......Shall very much look forward to seeing and hearing of your progress - hope all goes well.

    Sophia x

  7. Marvelous! what an amazing decorator you are. I love the walls, and all the drawings;) Excellent work, Hugs xx

  8. Heel veel werk voor jullie en ik ben heel nieuwsgierig naar het eindresultaat. En dat moet prachtig zijn,jou kennende.

    Werk ze;))

  9. I'm just thrilled to see your work in progress! Love following your are always an inspiration! Everything looks beautiful!

  10. Greet- What beautiful woodwork you have planned! the paneling is exquisite! My living room is also a work in progress - our windowseat addition is finished but not trimmed out, and the trim (casing, bases, crowns) are the tail that will wag the dog for changing the exisiting trim in the rest of the house!

    I have too many ideas on millwork and am too indecisive, but hope to mock up some full size trim samples, soon!

    Looking forward to seeing this room transform!


  11. I'm looking forward to see the result of the redo ! It will probably be incredibly !


  12. Oh chère Greet !
    Je suis très heureuse de savoir que vos travaux sont commencés ! Alors pour nous aussi les boiseries dans le salon c'est pour 2013 !
    C'est sûr que pour choisir la couleur définitive ce n'est pas facile de se décider...
    Merci de mettre mon aquarelle dans ce post ! C'est vrai qu'elle ressemble un peu à votre futur intérieur, avec la cheminée, les boiseries patinées.
    C'est avec plaisir que je peindrais votre salon...
    J'ai hâte de voir la suite !
    Bonne journée,

  13. OH how I wish I was your neighbor!!! If I could, I would do every room in my new house with paneling from LeFevre! I don't know how you can possibly make a decision with so many choices. I cannot wait to see the room when it's finished. Good luck! Sue

  14. Greet,You are forgiven! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  15. NOTHING wrong with your SALON as it was!However, looking forward to coming changes..................what a fun project for you and your husband!I enjoy your BLOG very much but havenot left many comments as I always have a problem with it!I know it must be ME!

  16. Greet,
    How exciting. I will look forward to seeing the changes as you make them. Your ideas look fabulous. Good luck with all facets of the remodel.

  17. Oh my goodness, I am on pins and needles to see what is next but absolutely love the finish for the floors plus 18th century style panelling? Swoon--not to mention am VERY relieved that the lustre stays! ;)
    Gros bisous,

  18. Dear Greet,
    Your floors will be stunning. I have natural oak floors and would like to "grey them up" also! Please let us know your process for the floors.
    Your work shop will undoubtedly execute the french panelling to perfection! I am so looking forward to seeing the final results. Thanks for including your readers on your personal design journey. With best regards, Susan

  19. I love it all and know you will pick the perfect color. I do have a liking for the grey green color and the paiting has the greenish paneling. I look forward to see your decision.

  20. I think your present room was just beautiful. I can only imagine what the new room will look like. Love that you are going with the gray (my favorite) and the paneling......oh my! :)

  21. I remember how you described the paneling when we came for our visit.
    I've been waiting to see it ever since. Now I am even more excited!
    I'm sure it will be beautiful!!


  22. Hello Greet,
    What a fabulous project.
    Can't wait to see the finished result.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  23. You must have paneling of course, but I would die for a room like your "before"!!

  24. How exciting. I am so looking forward to more photos as things progress. What a great project, the drawings look fantastic. Good luck that all goes smoothly!


  25. Everything looks fabulous--but one thing bothers me. You're doing sooo much to the room, can't you also center that one window on the wall?

    It would take just a few hours for a workman to do. I've recenter lots of windows in my home.

  26. Oh Greet, ça va être magnifique!
    Je me réjouis de voir la suite de tes travaux!
    Gros bisous, jolie Amie...

  27. Greet I can't wait to see the development, and learn from you again! You have the most amazing style... and the 3 panel doors in your rooms are just to die for! I can't decide if I like the French 3 pannel doors better or the European 3 pannels the you have in the photo...the largest pannel in the middle of the Prague we have those most common but I love them both!
    What is your preference...? and why? hugs and all the best luck with your project...well you don't need luck, you have your wonderful style! ciao Z

  28. Your living room is outstandingly gorgeous now! I look forward to seeing what it will look like when you're finished with it's re-do! Love and hugs, Cindy

  29. Dear Greet,

    I cannot wait to see how everything turns out, and am absolutely sure it will be fabulous...everything you do is!

    Warm thoughts and wishes to you,

  30. Looks like its going to be so beautiful! Cannot wait to much fun to follow you along in your wonderful projects. Have a great weekend.

  31. Replies
    1. Thank you my Belgian friend!! Bon weekend!

  32. I am sure that it will be lovely!....smiles

  33. Is this white sofa in the 2nd picture slipcovered..?

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  34. Hey Aldis..can you define slipcovered furniture..? Why most of the people would like to prefer it..?

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  35. I have jumped backwards to this post from your most recent one. I stopped by as I hadn't for a while. I cannot believe it but your sitting room is very much the same shape, size and layout as mine, with windows in similar places and even furniture placed in the same places. I love what you are doing with the addition of the paneling and I am now hooked on your living room makeover and cannot wait to see what your paneling turns out like. Like myself I can imagine how hard it would be to select the patina I often find it hard to make decisions like this.

    I also used to ride (dressage) up until a few years ago when I returned to NZ from overseas. My dream is to build a French style cottage on some land in the country, whether it will happen I don't know as at the moment we live in a little cottage near the sea and it will be a big change as I can walk my little dog on the beach every day at the moment. I guess the bonus will be the possibility of returning to riding.

    Looking forward to seeing the patina you choose for the walls.