Friday, March 2, 2012

Habitania photoshoot

My dearest readers, in my blogpost of last weekend I told you that I was preparing a photoshoot for an interior design magazine.

The photoshoot for the prestigious Spanish magazine HABITANIA took place this week!

Cover Cover of one of the previous issues of Habitania


A few months ago I was contacted by Gaby Conde, stylist and contributor to the magazine Habitania.

I was thrilled to hear that she would love to do a photoshoot of my home!

As they had to come to Belgium, she even asked me if maybe there was another home, that I would love to see in the magazine!

As I am almost finished with the interior decoration of my sister’s home, I called my sister to ask her permission to take pictures of her home. And she agreed!!

On Tuesday Gaby and her team of photographers Montse Garriga and Eric Pamies arrived at our home to take pictures and the day after we all headed to Bruges for the photoshoot of my sister’s home.

A couple of busy days as you might imagine!!!


Foto 002 The stylist Gaby Condé at work at our home.


Foto 001 The talented and sweet Montse preparing her camera !!! She really is a very talented photographer and has done a lot of photoshoots all over the world for renowned interior design magazines.


I thought to share with you today a sneek peek of these photoshoot days and took a few pictures myself. The pictures are of course not of equal quality as those taken by the photographers for the magazine Habitania.

I am so looking forward to the upcoming article that probably will be published within a couple of months. I will let you know!


Photoshoot at our home

2Lefèvre Interiors


1 Lefèvre Interiors


3 Lefèvre Interiors


5 Lefèvre Interiors


4 Lefèvre Interiors


Photoshoot at my sister’s home

The day after. The Habitania team at work at my sister’s home.

Foto 022

Stylist Gaby Conde, photographers Montse Garriga and Eric Pamies.

Foto 023


My sister Inge and husband Dominique are both excellent cooks! At noon they prepared us a delicious dinner!

Foto 011

Foto 026 The Habitania team having dinner at the kitchen isle.


And here are some pictures I took that day.




Entry hall

Foto 016 

Foto 017


Foto 018


 Powder room

Foto 015


Family room

Foto 020


Foto 048


Living room

Foto 012


Foto 062

Foto 061

Breakfast room

Foto 027



Foto 028


Kopie van Kopie van Foto 040


Foto 030


Foto 029 



Foto 033 

Foto 032

Foto 058


Eric was so kind to take that picture of my sister and me.

Kopie van Foto 064

I would love to thank the Habitania team for these wonderful days! It was such a pleasure to work with these lovely people!

And of course a huge thank you to my sister for allowing us to do the photoshoot.

A wonderful weekend to you all!

I will try to relax this weekend and to go riding Mango, because I so missed her this week!




  1. Wow Greet, both you and your sister have such fantastic homes, so beautiful. I love the huge area rug in your dining room, I am looking for something similar for my bedroom, can you share when you found it? Also, I spy Quiet Living and Country Chic books stacked on your kitchen table, I have the two books stacked on an oak wine tasting table in my living room! Too many similarities it's uncanny. The lantern in your sisters powder room is so pretty, so many beautiful things to comment on, well done on being published. Is the magazine available here in Belgium do you know? I'd love to have a copy when it is published. Finally, what a beautiful photograph of you and your sister, you are so alike. Have a wonderful weekend Greet.

    Hugs Angela x

  2. Greet, Thank you so much for sharing. These are the best photos yet. I would love to have been at the lunch. I'm sure it was hard work but well worth the effort. The best photo? - why the one of you and your sister! Cheers.

  3. Oh, my god! I find no words to describe all this beauty! Your sister house looks great and especially the staircase and the orangery. I love the two paintings along the staircase. The pictures in your house are also very nice and they was taken in an original way. This is a pleasure for the eyes and you make my day my dear!!!!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    P.S.Have fun horse riding and Mango, you deserve it!!!

  4. Can't wait to see the magazine here in Spain.
    Have a wonderful WE, Greet



  5. So lovely Greet! I see beauty runs in your family!


  6. Ik ben even sprakeloos Greet......jullie lijken trouwens veel op elkaar....wat zijn jullie bevoorrecht om twee prachtige huizen te laten zien aan ons....gewoon weg geweldig....erg mooi ingericht....ik zou moeilijk kunnen kiezen welke het zou worden....wellicht eerst een weekje bij jou....en dan op naar je zus!!!!
    Dankjewel voor je prachtige post....en ik wens je een heerlijk weekend.
    Met lieve groetjes,

  7. Love every room in your sister's house, Greet! You've done an amazing job!

  8. Hallo Greet, wat een prachtige post, en wat geweldig leuk dat jullie samen in het Spaanse magazine komen!Ik heb genoten van alle foto's, schitterend! Vooral de laatste foto met dat doorkijkje naar de tuin...Leuke foto van jullie samen, jullie lijken sprekend op elkaar!
    Lieve groet, en een fijn weekend Greet!

  9. Greet-
    You have the most beautiful home but I wouldn't expect any different.
    Can't wait to see the article, and I think that the images you took are beautiful.
    Happy Friday.

  10. Let me know when it is published! Just divine. How beautiful both you + your sister are. Thank you

  11. Two beautiful, elegant, understated homes. I am always so impressed that you can do a home with materials, objects and details that are "Old", yet they have a very modern esthetic - if that makes any sense at all... I hope I can find a copy of the magazine here in the US when it is published!


  12. Greet!!! I can never show my home again - after this! (:

    Beautiful homes x 2! Can't wait to see the article i print.

    And look at you stunning models!

    All very, very lovely.

    oxox, Mon

  13. Rebecca from CaliforniaMarch 2, 2012 at 6:01 PM

    Lovely homes. I love this style, which I have been trying to emulate in my home. You make it look so effortless!

  14. What fun for you and your sister who are the perfect subjects for a gorgeous photo shoot! Both of your homes are so beautiful and hoping to find this magazine over here when your issue comes out so I can see all of the details although your shots do plenty of justice to these gorgeous settings.
    Now rest up and enjoy your weekend.


  15. Oh my Greet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both your house and your sister's are truly breathtaking I am going to have to go over this post again and again to take in all the divine details!!! You should all be so proud of your creations!!! Warmest hugs for a restful weekend - Glenda xxxxxx

  16. I can only imagine how thrilled the team was to come and find not one but two...maisons magnifiques!! Oh my. I am so thrilled for you and yet you so deserve it! And your Sister is a great beauty just like yourself. This is one of my favorite posts of yours. I hope that you will toast the magazine's arrival with good champagne! Hooray!!!

  17. Greet,
    Wat twee prachtige huizen, en wat lijken jij en jouw zus op elkaar. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de reportage in het Spaanse blad.
    Ik ben net terug van een weekje skieen in Oostenrijk, maar word weer helemaal blij van de mooie foto's.
    Fijn weekend, hartelijke groet, Wilma

  18. Gorgeous! I'm in love with the brick flooring. You look like Celia Ward!

  19. oh, Greet, what a beautiful picture of you and your sister! Thanks for sharing the "picture shoot" with us and looking forward to seeing all of them!!
    Pink Hugs,

  20. My Dear Greet- What beautiful homes you and your sister have! Thank you for the photo shoot of the photo shoot...I love the behind-the-scenes perspective and looking forward to seeing the magazine feature. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Warm wishes~xo~L

  21. Hi Greet!
    Congrats on this beautiful photo shoot!!!!! Thank you for posting this preview and for allowing us to share in your happiness
    Have a wonderful weekend

  22. GREAT PICS:)I really like your much nice inspiration.
    I wish you a lovely weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

  23. I buy Habitania every month. Can't wait to have it on my hands! Congratulations, youboth have amazing houses!

  24. I enjoyed this post so much you and your sister have such beautiful homes its no wonderful magazines want photos of them. Your sister is just as beautiful as you are good genes seem to run in your family. Enjoy your riding!


  25. Vos deux maisons sont tout simplement fabuleuses!!!!
    Un magnifique reportage que tu nous fais partager... merci, dank u!!!
    Ta soeur et toi vous ressemblez énormément, pleines de charme!!!
    J'achetais Habitania très souvent quand j'habitais à Madrid...
    Bisousssss, Greet...

  26. Congratulations dahhling! what a FAB photo shoot.. your house is gorgeous!

  27. Two beautiful sisters, a fabulous home, what more could anyone ask for as they peruse Blogland today!!! LOVELY MY DEAR! Anita

  28. Greet, this is so beautiful! I love the picture of the two of look so much alike. You both have such beautiful homes, so elegant and fun to see the 'behind the scenes" at the photo shoot. Excited for you both!

  29. dear greet
    i am overwhelmed and filled with beauty from your post, that i did not want to end! your home as always is stunning and i can see your hand in your sisters home which took my breath away. what i also delighted in was your photography skills; the angles, the clarity.....quite professional!
    enjoy your relaxation
    xx debra

  30. Oh Greet - your talent is awesome. Congratulations. Debra

  31. Sweet and beautiful Greet,

    It is always a joy to see your posts and also to receive a visit from you! ENJOY this magnificent late winter day! And yes, we are celebrating 30 beautiful years together!!!!


  32. What a talented pair you are. Your homes are both stunning and I loved seeing the images here...can't wait to see more from the magazine!!

  33. Your home looks amazing!!! All the images are wonderful, expecially the picture of you and your sister at the end. Just fabulous!!

  34. Hello dear Greet,
    Your sister's house has blown me away, it is so beautiful. She has the same decorating gene that you enjoy. That magazine will fly off the shelves when it features your two homes. The photo of you and her is fabulous. You are both so beautiful.
    Hugs, Cindy

  35. Greet, thank you for sharing it! I LOVE every single image, it is gorgeous, beautiful!!! I'm on a mission now to see if the magazine is available in Hong Kong, wishing I can find it here.
    You and your sister are very talented and beautiful ladies.
    Hugs from HK.

  36. thank you for sharing article! Your inspiration room for your new place is one of my favourites, too. I love the mix of materials and styles.looking forward to all the good things your blog shares.

  37. Greet - I can't wait to see the final shots - but yours are fantastic too. Both houses look amazing and you and your sister are both gorgeous as well!

  38. Greet this is lovely. Her home is beautiful and I can see the genes of aestetic talent runs through out the entire family!

    The final photo of the two of you is stunning. You are both so a like. A lovely shot to keep for years.

    Big hugs

    x Charlotta

  39. wow amzing blog, so so so many inspirations, following you of course.

  40. All divine photos....beyond stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merci beaucoup.

  41. Your sister's home is gorgeous! Congratulations on a well-deserved feature!



  42. This is really fun, Greet! Somehow I missed it in March, but it's wonderful today. I love what you Belgians do. I can't wait to return.